Kerfala "Fana" Bangoura
Drumming and dancing are a profound part of who I am; they are what I was born to do. My father was a drummer, and performed in a group with his brother, my uncle.  When I was a youth in the village I would often see my family perform, and watching them drum, dance, and sing was my first inspiration as an artist. While I was still a child growing up in Conakry, I formed a group with friends of mine. We would play together on plastic bottles and pieces of metal. I drummed all the time, even into the night. Soon I had all the neighbors complaining that they could not sleep.  They would say, “he’s going to be a drummer.” That’s where my name originated; “Fana” is from a Susu proverb for the future. Now that I am in the United States, I continue my preordained journey by sharing my knowledge with new people. I look forward to meeting you as an artist and a friend.